The World’s Best Wave Pools for Surfing & Paddle Boarding


Wave Pools for Surfing and Paddle Boarding

Perfect Waves with the touch of a button?

As surfers we are always in search of empty perfect waves. Finding this empty perfection in the real world requires travel, time, swell, and weather conditions to align and then hope 500 of your closest friends are not around to share it with you. Wave pools excite us as they offer endless man made perfection with the possibility of regulated or no crowds – in a nut shell you can pay for your waves! Similar to how the Island of Tavarua had it for so many years offering up world class perfection only to high paying guests and pros staying on the island. Their wave monopoly was recently broken and the regulated pay for play perfection of Tavarua’s fabled Restaurants and Cloudbreak waves is now back to a free for all.But there is a glimmer of hope for those who still want to pay to shred. Several wave pools across the world offer amazing breaking waves created by a system of pumps and hydraulics that force water into a large chamber and release this volume of water to create a wave onto the pool. The wave forms up and breaks in a left or right direction, Sometimes a peak or even a barrel. Here are some of the most famous wave pools in the world. All you need is your credit card – The wave pool will take care of the rest!

#1 The World’s Best Wave Pool in the Middle East?

Al Ain Wadi Wave Pool -Dubai ,UAE

Located in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) This pool has what many are calling the best outdoor man made wave in the world offering up to 6ft walls of rippable perfection.

#2 The Best Wave Pool in the USA

Typhoon Lagoon, Lake Buena Vista, Florida

The crown jewel of wave pools in the United States located in Disneyworld’s water theme park. This park offers up breaking waves of 3-4 ft. in both directions.

#3 The Best Wave Pool In Europe

Siam Park – Tenerife, Canary Islands Spain

Opened by her royal highness the princess of Thailand this Thai themed water park offers up amazing walls of 4-5 ft. perfection.

#4 The World’s Largest Wave Pool

Ocean Dome – Miyazaki Japan

The world’s largest wave pool this behemoth has a retractable roof making it both an indoor and outdoor wave pool. The park can accommodate up to 6,000 humans on the artificial beach at one time and offers beach break peaks and barrels in the 3-5 ft. range.

# Coming Soon? – The Endless Ring Wave

Kelly Slater Wave Company

Using the concept of a ring a wave is created and peels in an endless fashion around the ring. Some initial testing has shown the wave could be created on a large scale and offer up 6-8 ft. endless perfection. Kelly Slater (the world’s most famous and many consider the best surfer) is on board and trying to get a final full scale version up and running.

In my opinion nothing will ever replace the experience of surfing in the ocean but having a few more wave pools around can never hurt.

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