SUP Fitness – How many calories does paddle boarding burn ?

Paddle boarding is not only fun it can be amazing form of low impact excersise. You engage your core while simultaneously activating the burn in your arms, legs, and back. It’s a full body workout and great for your balance. Surfers call it some of the best crossing training you can do when not surfing.

Paddle Boarding Yoga Calorie Burn

Paddle Boarding Calorie Burn

Over the years I have been asked over and over “So How many calories does paddle boarding burn ?”

It’s a very loaded question and it depends on a lot of varying factors.

Paddle Boarding Calorie burn can vary greatly depending on stroke intensity, stroke form, wind speed, and water conditions.

Below are the 3 most common levels of intensity and the respective Calorie Burn Estimates:

*Estimates are based on an average size person (165lbs) & 1 hour of paddling

Level 1 – Leisure Paddling

An easy, recreational paddle with calm water, light winds at a slow walking type pace. Low heart rate, little to no cardio.

For the average person this can burn up to 225 calories per hour.

Level 2 – Increased Intensity Fitness Paddle

Again assuming calm waters and light wind but at an increased continuous pace, heart rate is up, slight cardio.

This can double the burn for up to 500 calories per hour for the average person.

Level 3 – High Intensity / Racing Paddle

This is a high intensity stoke the entire duration of the paddle with no slowing down, heart rate and cardiovascular are at full throttle.

Assuming light wind and calm water you could burn up to 850 calories per hour for an average size person.


Now use these numbers as a base rule of thumb and throw in some variables like choppy water, paddling into a headwind and riding waves on your paddleboard and you could add 100’s more Calories burned per hour to the above estimates.

At the end of the day getting out on the paddle board can be a walk in the park or a high intensity full body workout. Either way a day on the water paddle boarding beats the gym anytime.

Paddle Boarding Calorie Burn Estimates Sourced From:

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