Shooting Underwater with the Go Pro Dive Housing for Hero 2

Go Pro Dive Housing

Go Pro Underwater Dive Housing

A few months back we had an amazing day in SoCal of clear calm waters and I wanted to take out my Go Pro Hero 2 for some underwater shooting.  When I came back to check the underwater photos I was sadly disappointed they all came out blurry and out of focus. This is due to the fact the standard fish eye on the Hero 2 is not made for shooting clear focused underwater photo and video.  Someone finally clued me and said in order to take clear underwater photos I needed the Go Pro Dive Housing accessory. Lets just say Santa Delivered the goods and I had a chance to finally test it out.

The Go Pro Dive Housing ($39.99) is a special case and lense made for specifically shooting underwater up to 197 ft. The lens is a large flat rectangular shape with a protective lens cap which can be taken on and off. Note:  If you have the new Hero3 you don’t need the dive housing – The new version is made for in focus underwater video and photo.

I took it out for a test drive underwater and it was night and day in terms clarity and focus from my previous shoot with the standard fish eye. The other cool thing is it still shoots great photos above water on land or in the surf. So you can use it dual purpose without any issue. It is a bit bulkier than the standard case but other than the extra girth it works great all around.

Check out some of these shots of below and above using the Go Pro Dive Housing

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