Juice Delivered – from San Diego Suja Juice Co.

Juice Delivered from San Diego Suja Juice Co.


I stumbled across this company while browsing the Instagram of Shane Dorian when he posted a picture of a delicious juice claiming “Suja – fresh juice delivered”. Mr. Dorian is what many refer to as one of the world’s best and fittest big wave surfers. So when he recommends something its worth a second look, especially since I love juice.  Turns out Suja is a San Diego (my hometown) company and offers daily delivery of fresh juice for affordable prices. Amazing!

About Suja

Suja Juice was started by a raw and vegan culinary chef with a passion for health and nutrition. The company offers handcrafted 100% organic juices with pure plant nutrition in every sip.  Suja offers 11 core juice drinks from vegetable, to hydrating lemonades to amazing coconut milks.  They offer delivery packages for daily lifestyle juicing and cleansing and are also available in Wholefoods and Jimbo’s Naturally.

If you haven’t learned about the benefits of juicing here are some basics.

Benefits of JuiceVegetable Juice

Fresh juices both fruit and vegetable are filled with vital nutrients including minerals, enzymes, and chlorophyll to help the body maintain an efficient well balanced energy. And with mountains and mountains of poor foods lacking essential nutrients on the market we can never seem to get enough nutrients in our daily diet.  Juicing is the most effective way to get vital nutrition in quick, tasty manner.

Studies have shown: A regular juice program will improve your brain functioning, energy level, skin, vitamin levels, hydration, and overall health.

But juicing daily comes with its hassles. You need a fancy expensive juicer and most People don’t have the time or energy to go out and buy all the fruits and vegetables, prepare them for the juicer, clean up the mess and then have a bunch of leftover stuff that can go bad if not used promptly.  This is why Suja and its concept of delivering fresh Juice is so appealing.

As surfers and paddlers our bodies are always craving nutrients to keep us fueled for the next mission and Suja is an amazing company bringing fresh juice to the masses.

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