Isle Crew Finds Clean Lines – Northern Baja Mexico Surf Trip

Isle Crew Finds Clean Lines During Northern Baja Mexico Surf Trip

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The recent long period groundswell combined with a high pressure system made for ideal surf conditions for this Northern Baja Mexico Surf Trip.  A typical swell like this usually means big perfect offshore barrels at the beach breaks. The long period in the swell however took out all the shape from the surf & beach breaks. After checking all the beaches with no luck  it was time to head for the reef breaks in search of long empty peelers. After some driving and an hour paddle to get to the wave (its located on private land with no access) we ended up scoring on the paddle boards.  As the swell filled in it pumped all afternoon and we took turns until our arms went noodle.  The water was chilly but the 80 degree air made trunkin it an easy option on the paddle boards. If you happen to fall the icy waters made for a nice refresher!

Here are a couple photos from the surf trip – Enjoy!

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