New Isle 2013 Inflatable Paddleboards (iSUPs)

Isle 2013 Inflatable Paddleboards – After months of designs and testing we have finally settled on our production modelsWe will be offering a 10’0 surf/flatwater package ($699) and a 12’6 Touring model package ($799) including a pump, 3 piece adjustable travel paddle, and Free USA Shipping! Can’t wait to get them in stock sometime in late April/ May 2013.

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If your not on the iSUP (inflatable paddle board) bandwagon yet, check out my recent blog post on the 7 Reasons to own an Inflatable Paddleboard.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t live without my hard paddle board especially in surf but after experimenting and testing our inflatables I started to understand just how fun and convenient they can be. Even for someone like me with a big truck and lots of space in my truck and house to store them.

Here is my experience from our recent Mex trip to test and shoot the final iSUP production models and why they are so appealing.

Easy to travel with: Space is typically tight in my vehicle with all the gear and since hard epoxy SUPs stick out the back of my truck camper shell I always gotta keep an eye out when im parked somewhere, especially in Mex.  This time I tossed in the inflatables, and I was ready to go fully secured with no open camper hatch!

Show up and blow up in 10 minutes: After scouting a few spots the waves were pretty small and slow but the conditions sunny and glassy so it was time to inflate the iSUPs.  Within 10 minutes we had em both unpacked, inflated and ready to hit the water with the included adjustable 3 piece travel paddle.


Great for small surf & cruising: The boards paddled great, super sturdy and surprisingly stiff and even rode small waves with ease. After a great little session of cruising around the reefs and riding a few small it was time to break for tacos and beer.


Great for exploring:  After a big lunch and some hydration we agreed on an afternoon mission to check out a big protruding rock several miles offshore. A friend of mine said they call it Sugerloaf rock but instead of being coated in sugar its coated in white bird dookie, looks cool though. The inflatables again worked great in the open ocean and we managed to get to the rock in just over an hour. They powered over the ocean chop with ease and the little bit of flexibility in the board actually felt good under the feet on the open water.

Summary: The inflatable paddleboards performed great in all conditions and the new blue graphic looked sweet. It would be crazy not to keep em in my truck at all times just to have on hand, since they take up little space. Look for them in stock  sometime in late April/ May 2013.


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