Biggest Wave Ever Ridden? GMAC rides 100ft+ Wave in Portugal?

100ft Ride?

100ft Ride? Copyright Photo: To Mane – Nazare Qualifica

Many in the media are claiming Garret McNamara’s recent ride at Nazare Island Off the Coast of Portugal to be the biggest wave ever ridden at 100ft+.

Nazare is a quiet fishing island off the coast of Portugal blessed with a deep water canyon that takes open ocean swells and maxes them out over beach break sand bars. The world’s best big wave surfers call it a combination of Jaws, Mavericks and Puerto Escondido all rolled into one. It’s a heavy, dangerous shifting wave that can hold its shape at what seems to be almost any height.

Check out this footage of his recent 100ft ride:

To us mortals all the photo and video evidence of this wave make it look easily 100ft plus.  According to GMAC it really never broke and was just a giant ocean swell that capped and rolled.  He actually is going right which leads you straight into the rocks against the 300ft high sea cliffs. Apparently once he kicked out of this monster another beast behind it almost sent him into the rocks but he narrowly escaped while his tow partner was ejected from his jet ski trying to save him. Luckily they had a back up team in place to swoop them both up and save them from certain death!

The judges will deliberate on this one. Was it a swell that capped? A legit 100ft wave? Or a little bit of both? At the end of the day GMAC is out there for the love and probably won’t care either way and it was a MONSTER nonetheless. But if he takes top honors again at this year’s at the Billabong Big Wave XXL contest for biggest wave then hats off for chargin!

Gmac Gets $50K for his 78ft Ride at Nazare

Gmac & Nate Fletch Collectin Big Checks at 2012 XXL Awards

Garret took home the $15,000 bacon at the 2012 Billabong Big Wave XXL contest for largest wave ridden last year with a ride at the same spot on a wave measured by experts to be 78 ft just bearly breaking the previous record held my Mike Parsons at Cortes Bank off the Coast of California. This wave also had the 100ft mystique but never measured up to the XXL judges.

Check out his winning ride from last year at Nazare of 78 ft:

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