Night SUP Review – Light Up Your Paddle Board with LED Lights!

Night SUP Paddle Board

Tava Paddle Board Ready for Night SUP Action

A company called Night SUP  is making illuminated LED kits for Paddle Boards. The lights are installed along the rails of the paddle board under the glass along with an internal battery and switch installed in a water tight compartment on the deck.

The Night SUP kits are extremely Bright! Your board lights up like a Christmas tree and creates an almost UFO like effect over the water.  Since the lights run around the bottom edge of the rail the light penetrates into the water 360 degrees allowing you to see several feet below the surface. It weighs about 10 more pounds due to all the lighting, battery pack, and wiring so could be a bit of a challenge in the surf.

We tossed a kit in our 10’5 Tava Paddle Board and gave it a go. A major pain in the butt to install but no doubt put a fun spin on paddling at night. The glowing lights create a mystical effect and since no one has one you are sure to cause quite a spectacle.  A group of kids on a small pier screamed in delight watching us approach and pass by.

Once the system is perfected who knows? Think of all the uncrowded perfect waves you could tackle breaking at Night!

Check out the Night SUP Photos:

Written By – Marc is a Founding Partner of Isle Surf & SUP, and writes the Isle Surf & SUP Blog. He likes to Surf, Paddle Board and Travel when he’s not in the office working.

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