Isle 2013 SUP Models Outfitted with patented LIFT SUP Carry Handle – Learn More

Isle LIFT SUP handle for Stand Up Paddle Boards

All Isle 2013 SUP Models have been upgraded to the patented LIFT SUP handle so you will never stress or strain carrying your paddle board again.  Invented by two California paddlers fed up with the traditional handle who knew there had to be a better way to transport a paddle board.

What is the LIFT SUP handle?

The patented LIFT SUP handle is a fully retractable deck handle that quickly and easily pops out of the deck of your board giving you a full handle to grip and wrap your fingers around.

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Benefits of Lift SUP Handle over Traditional Handles:

The LIFT SUP handle greatly reduces the stress and fatigue caused by traditional handles on the fingers, hands and forearms especially with the transport of heavier larger paddle boards. In addition to the reductions of fatigue the LIFT SUP handle also provides a point of leverage over your sup so you can easily enter and exit from vehicles, docks or other tight spaces with little fatigue or stress.

Specifications of the LIFT SUP Handle:

  • Shear Strength load of 473 Pounds – This means you can put up to 473 pounds of sideways force and it will not break the handle.
  • Tensile Strength load Of 840 Pounds – This means you can pick up a paddle board weighing up to 840 pounds when its lying flat and it will not break the handle.
  • Made in the USA from extra strong polycarbonate and fiberglass
  • Unless your paddle board is made from lead you will find it almost impossible to break these handles!

Can I Use it to lock up my Paddle Board?

Yes and with the high tensile and Shear strength listed above the handle takes a significant amount of force to snap. Of course if a thief wants to get creative anything can be stolen but this creates a lockable barrier for thieves not easily broken.

What does Isle Surf & SUP have to say about the LIFT SUP handle:

The LIFT SUP handle is literally night and day from a traditional grooved handle. It’s an amazing difference and literally makes for a fatigue free carry of your board. On some of the larger models getting around corners, off the dock and off a vehicle was always tricky and required rests or grabbing the board over your shoulders. Now it’s a snap with the extra leverage offered by the LIFT SUP handle. And the quality is top notch! They really put in the R & D and research to get it right! “  Co-Founder Isle Surf & SUP – Marc Miller

Marc Miller fro Isle Surf and SUP

About the Author -is the founding partner of Isle Surf & SUP an online retailer of paddle boards & surfboards. He has been involved in board manufacturing, product development and website management for Isle since its inception in 2004. He also writes the Isle Surf & SUP Blog. An avid surfer and paddler for the past 2 decades when hes not in the office he can be found on foreign shores searching for waves and fun.



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