Time Trial & Review of the New 2013 12’6 Isle Race Board


The Final 12’6 Isle Race Board Production Samples are in and looking good and very fast! The first shipments should be available for purchase online and in our store sometime in late May 2013. I took the new race model for a paddle to get an accurate read of speed and time over a distance using a GPS tracking app. I typically paddle a regular surf style shape in the flat water a few times a week and have been itching to get on a race style board for some speed. Here is how it went but first the board specifications.

2013 Isle 12’6 Race Board Specifications:


Dimensions:  12’6 x 28” x 6 5/16”

Volume:  246 liters

Weight:  29lbs





Tracking the Paddle with GPS:

I used the Strava App which uses the GPS on the Iphone. This app is designed for running to track speed, route, distance and much more but can be used to track any type of activity even if it’s over water.  Just don’t fall in unless you have a waterproof case!!!

The Chosen Course:

The course I selected was in Coronado California from the boat launch around the Coronado Bridge and back. A distance of 1.9 miles according to the GPS.

Wind & Water Conditions for the Paddle:

The conditions on the day I choose to paddle were very windy.  I was paddling in a bay but the water had a cross chop and wind speed was clocked at 13mph. The wind was blowing from the North West direction. So I was paddling into a cross wind for the first leg of the paddle and a slight downwind side shore on the way back. Once behind the Island of Coronado I was slightly blocked from the wind but still pretty strong flow of at least 5-7 mph gusts. If I was paddling in glassy conditions I imagine my speed would have been increased to over 5mph on average. The wind and slight chop slowed me down quite a bit but I still felt like I was moving very fast as compared to my surf style shape.

The Results:

Rider Info: 36 Yrs. old, Male, 143 lbs.

Distance: 1.9 Miles

Time: 25 minutes 10 seconds

Pace: 12:55 per mile

Average Speed: 4.528 Miles per Hour

Wind Speed: 7- 13mph North West Winds

Conditions: Flat-water with slight cross chop, some smooth water behind the Island due to slight wind blockage.

Race Board Comments:

The Race Board is super-fast compared to a traditional surf style model!  A couple friends paddled with me on the same route at a similar pace on surf style shapes and needless to say I left them in the dust and finished a good 10 minutes in front of them and we all took off at the same time. The race board has tons of glide and slices across the chop with ease.  If you really want speed in the flat water or are considering doing some paddle board race events this season then this board is highly recommended. We should have this model in stock in a few weeks so stay tuned!

Some Screen Shots

Estimated Delivery to our warehouse is late May 2013. Click here for more details and to get on the Pre book list for the Race Board .

Marc Miller fro Isle Surf and SUP

About the Author -is the founding partner of Isle Surf & SUP an online retailer of paddle boards & surfboards. He has been involved in board manufacturing, product development and website management for Isle since its inception in 2004. He also writes the Isle Surf & SUP Blog. An avid surfer and paddler for the past 2 decades when hes not in the office he can be found on foreign shores searching for waves and fun.

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