Isle SUP Buddy Drink Holder Review

isle-supbuddy5Sup buddy is a beverage holder and dashboard for your SUP or boat. This simple and clean design suctions down to smooth hard surfaces and secures your items using a strong hook and loop Velcro.

Main Uses

isle-supbuddy2This product can be your best buddy for a refreshing adult beverage on a casual paddle or for holding a water bottle for hydration on a long distance sweep. Other then a beverage holder the cup holder can be used for car keys or even a phone to play music if you are on flat water and not worried about them falling off.

Can I use the dock for something other then a cup holder?

isle-supbuddy1The Dock that sticks to the board is the ladder side of the Velcro. So, anything with the hook side of Velcro will stick to it if you wanted to attach some to a life jacket, small boom box, or cooler. 

Does it Fall Off?

isle-supbuddy3When properly applied the suction cups attach really well and I personally have never had one fall off. Even though I wouldn’t’ recommend it I have even used the Supbuddy in small surf doing laps on a point break where I didn’t need to paddle back through the surf and could keep a cool beer on board.

Can I Use it for other sports?  

The Supbuddy sticks to any hard or smooth surface and the Koozie floats so it can be easily used for boating or any other water sport you may want to bring a drink along.  Also good for snow or desert activities too.

Is it worth $25 bucks?

From keeping hydrated on long paddles to enjoying a beer on a leisure stroll across the bay this product is one of the best additions to any paddle and in my opinion is well worth the money.

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See ya on the Water!

Craig Litty fro Isle Surf and SUPAbout the Author & Photographer - Jesse Wright spent the majority of his youth in the back country of Idaho and Colorado snowboarding and chasing the snowboard circuit. After the millennium he headed toward the coast and never looked back. A former pro snowboarder turned surfer hes an avid shortboarder and paddler and when he’s not running his German Shepard or working with his media company he can be found on foreign shores mixing it up with the Isle Crew.

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