Watershot Underwater camera housing for iPhone 4/4S & 5/5S Review

Watershot Isle Iphone Case

Watershot Inc. introduces the purpose-built underwater camera housing for the iPhone 5/5S – designed and developed for the extreme abuses of water sports. This is no basic case, the Watershot for iPhone is specifically made for underwater photo and video for those who have traded their digital cameras for the simplicity of their smart phone.


Isle Watershot Iphone Case

If you are looking for an affordable solution to shooting underwater or in water photo’s while Surfing, SUP’ing, or even a swim in the family pool this product is for you. Most other under water camera’s are at least double the price and this little housing starts at just $99 and is compatible with the Iphone 4 & 5.



The Watershot proved to be watertight when tested it in the pool and the ocean and didn’t damage my Iphone 5 at all. I personally have only taken the camera to about 5 feet deep but it is rated up to 130 feet and I believe it due to how secure and sturdy the casing and seal’s are. It took great photo’s and video both underwater and at water level for surf or sup shots.

Recommendations of use

Although the case works great and provides clear pictures one thing I would recommend is to keep an eye on the lens as you can commonly find water spots blurring your pictures.

User Friendly Free App

Watershot App

The Watershot case comes with a free app that is quick and easy to upload to your smartphone and is available for multiple models. This app gives you a quick intro once uploaded and you are ready to go.



The First time I used the Watershot I uploaded the app on the beach and learned how to use it in minutes before use. Straight into the water and I was shooting and uploading to social media from the water. Send pictures of your friends to the feeds surfing and paddling as it happens!

Does it float?

The case floats but can be dragged down in rough Surf so I would recommend a string or leash if you plan to use it on your Surf or SUP boards in waves.

But would you buy it?


My answer is yes! If you are looking for the capabilities to shoot in, on or around the water with the conveniences of your phone and the confidence of knowing that your phone is going to be OK, then this is the case for you. There are other cases on the market like LIFEPROOF and a few others but they just are not as strudy and made for the abuse of waves and full submersion beyond a few feet.

Thanks for the Read! See ya on the water.

Starting at $99.00 – Order Your Iphone Housing for the 4 &5  along with lots of Cool Other Waterproof Gear in our Waterproof Accessories Section

Craig Litty fro Isle Surf and SUPAbout the Author & Photographer - Jesse Wright spent the majority of his youth in the back country of Idaho and Colorado snowboarding and chasing the snowboard circuit. After the millennium he headed toward the coast and never looked back. A former pro snowboarder turned surfer hes an avid shortboarder and paddler and when he’s not running his German Shepard or working with his media company he can be found on foreign shores mixing it up with the Isle Crew.

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